Puts Really Large Cracks into “Modern” Physics

My initial reaction is…WOW!  (Review of the documentary below. See it free for a limited time!)

Einstein Wrong – The Miracle Year from David de Hilster on Vimeo.

I have to admit, however, that the opening scenes showing the 17th annual Natural Philosophy Alliance conference being held in an Italian restaurant as scantily clad Brazilian female dancers jiggled around while Dave beat on a big drum was rather bizarre for a meeting of a group of scientists! Not that I minded…made me think maybe I should be moving down to Rio! Lol!

However, this film, aside from being a nice and heart warming video portrait of the de Hilster family, also presents some very interesting challenges to the validity of Einstein’s two relativity theories. A female PhD mathematician went over the data used in the famous airborne atomic clock experiment and suggested that the experimenters had to “creatively” combine the results to make them show that the clocks were losing time compared to the identical clocks left behind on Earth. In other words, they were manipulating the data to get the result that they thought they should get! That’s not objective science and would normally result in the experimental results being discarded and the experiment repeated with different clocks (and, hopefully, different experimenters!).

Then there was a physicist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator who said that when newly minted physicists began working there, they had to “unlearn” what they were taught in school concerning relativistic effects on moving objects. He claimed that they were not seeing any increase in the mass of the particles, IIRC electrons, that they bombarded target atoms with. That disproves a major accepted conclusion of Special Relativity Theory and, if it is wrong, it means that the other conclusions about the dilation of time and contractions of lengths MUST also be wrong!

As far as General Relativity’s prediction of the bending of the trajectories of incoming photons from distant stars during solar eclipses is concerned, someone said that the effect is not noticed as one looks at stars whose incoming light is not passing through the layer of ionized gases immediately surrounding the Sun even though Einstein’s theory says it should. Yet another discrepancy that the Einstein “true believers” don’t talk about and most are totally unaware of. One scientist said that, if the General Theory’s description of gravity is correct, we should be seeing the gravitational lensing effect taking place when we observe two stars that appear close together in the sky, but are actually separated from each other by a large distance. This effect can produce an optical phenomenon referred to as “Einstein’s Rings”, yet no one is observing them!

Well, I really enjoyed this documentary and urge everyone to watch it. I’m even a bit surprised that it has not been shown on PBS or some cable science channel because it is certainly worthy of that kind of attention. Most likely, it is “Big Science” that is making sure material like this does not find its way to the public. But, I think it amply demonstrates that it’s time that all of the basic postulates and conclusions of Einsteinian relativity be given a far greater amount of scrutiny. If his theories are invalid, either partially or completely, then that has to be acknowledged before any more of our physical theories are based upon them!

I think it puts some really large cracks into the foundation of the current Tower of Babel paradigm of “modern” physics.

Ken Behrendt

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