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Einstein's equations allow a non-determinist future inside some black holes -- ScienceDaily

David de Hilster talks about how critical thinkers think about black holes and determinism.

A new form of light could power next-gen quantum computers

David de Hilster takes you on a journey of what it is like for a critical thinker to read physics articles about experiments and new discoveries with a new model in your head. Instead of just criticizing mainstream physics, critical thinkers have their own models to try to interpret experiments that are being performed today by experimental physicists. David not only points out why they are very confused with their concepts, but how he and his father WITH a new model will see such an article. Good one today folks! Well worth the listen!

Size of the Universe: Why Mainstream Science Doesn't Know the Answer

David de Hilster stumbled across a website that shows how lost mainstream cosmology is today: Closer to Truth. David helps disect and explain the cosmobabble that is previlent in today's theoretical cosmologist and at the end of this video, tells you EXACTLY where they go wrong. Yes, David does have an answer!

Throwing Away Relativity Is an Option

David de Hilster talks about something many people can't emotionally accept: that a theory or model can be thrown away and not replace. Dead end. Good bye. Listen as David talks about the logic people use to justify holding onto bad models and theories.

The Age of the Universe

David de Hilster got an email from a fellow critical thinker talking about galaxies on the "edge" of the universe. And it comes down to: what is the age of the universe? This sets David off on one of his favorite subjects: the word universe, the big bang, and some of the someone ridiculous notions physicists and astronomers have about the age of the universe.

Particle Physics: What's an Odderon, and Did CERN Just Reveal it Exists?

David de Hilster talks about the latest particle to be "discovered": the odderon. David loves to tear into these articles to reveal the true political inner workings of science not for science, but science for fame and fortune. This one is a fun one. You don't want to miss it!

Thunderbolts Project - The Electric Universe

David de Hilster talks about the critical thinker's group the "Electric Universe" (EU) or what they call the Thunderbolts project. It is very important for all of us in science to support alternative theories and models for the universe. That is what keeps science vital and moving forward. Thunderbolts Project - Electric Universe Channel Thunderbolts Project Website

God Particle Problems and Assumptions - Is there an Ultimate Particle?

David de Hilster finally talks about one of his favorite topics: the concept that there is in fact an "ultimate" or "god" particle. It is something that everyone who wonders about the universe eventually gets around to asking themselves. Let your science therapist David walk you through the landminds along the path of the ultimate particle in the universe. Particle Physics System is Flawed Jeff Yee's Particles of the Universe The Particle Guru

1.7-billion-year-old chunk of North America found in Australia

David de Hilster shows how an article written about a geological finding fits much better with expansion tectonics than it does with plate tectonics. Another lesson in critical thinking!

Saving Dissident Scientists from Themselves

Today, David talks about common meta arguments from those in mainstream science to those dissidents who they want to put on the correct path to truth. The arguments used by these people have some serious flaws and you know David: he is not shy in pointing what he thinks about these flawed arguments to save dissidents from themselves.