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Quantum Foam, Virtual Particles, and Harry Potter

David de Hilster found a sentence on Einstein's Facebook page that would make any critical thinker's hair curl and turn white just like Einstein's. See what David de Hilster's critical thinking interpretation is and what some of the responses to his comment on Facebook. Links for this video:

Dissident Science News - June 11, 2018

David de Hilster gives the Dissident Science News for June 11, 2018. Critical Thinkers Conference LiveStream Particle Guru Jeff Yee - Energy Wave Theory Unzicker's Real Physics - AI and Particle Physics CNPS Saturday Morning Stephen Crothers - Black Holes on Sky Scholar ThunderBolts - Comet Jets are Electric

Dissdient Science News - June 1, 2018

David de Hilster tells you the news in the world of dissident science including a dissident science spotlight, a book review, and his analysis of the featured article of the week. Plus a surprise at the end! Jan Koziar CNPS Saturday Morning Chats Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric #8: Electrical Planetary Scarring We have created this special top-ten series to highlight the most compelling evidence for the dominant role of electromagnetism at all scales throughout the cosmos. The experimentally proven ability of high energy electrical discharges to produce craters and countless other planetary features offers an entirely new perspective on planetary science and the solar system’s history. In this episode, we explore why the high-energy electrical scarring of bodies in our solar system is the eighth of ten reasons why the Universe is Electric. Dr. Peter Sujak from the Czec Repulbic In the enclousure I am sending you and to other members of JCNPS who might be interested in the second edition of my book - Einsteins destruction of physics. The first edition from 2017 was in the 2018 second edition augmented by about 25 pages. Weekly Science Video Discussions

UNBOXING: Kit Experimental de Eletricidade pelo Professor Andre Assis

David de Hilster, como prometido, faz um unboxing do kit de eletricidade do Brasileiro Dr. e do professor Andre Assis para fazer experimentos em eletricidade. Veja o que está dentro dessa caixa que percorreu todo o caminho do Brasil até a terra do Tio Sam! Para mais informações sobre o livro e o kit, veja;

UNBOXING: Electricity Experiment Kit by Professor Andre Assis

David de Hilster as promised does an unboxing of Dr. and Professor Andre Assis' electricity kit for doing experiment in electricity. See what is inside this box that traveled all the way from Brazil to the land of Uncle Sam! For more information about the book and the kit, see;

Dissident Science News May 21, 2018

David de Hilster has a new weekly segment called "Dissident Science News" where he talks about the last week's news in the dissident science world. If you have a story you would like him to include, send it to Particle Guru Nick of Time Energy Wave Theory Alexander Unzicker Dissident Science Electric Universe Electric Universe Conference in Bath UK Tesla Tech CNPS Conference CNPS Proceedings CNPS Saturday Morning Video Conferences Engadget Gizmodo

Why Supersymmetry is Nonsense

David de Hilster talks about Dr. Alexander Unzicker's latest video entitled "Why Supersymmetry is Nonsense". In it, there are gems that Dr. Unzicker has given us to help us as critical thinkers come to the realization that particle physics is lost, a waste of time, and that we need to spread the word. David picks out his favorite parts but be sure to watch Unzicker's entire video and subscribe to his channel. As David says: he is a critical thinking hero of our generation taking on the biggest, baddest machine in all of physics: theoretical particle physics! Why Supersymmetry is Nonsense video link: The Machian YouTube Channel:

Carmen Miranda Meets Albert Einstein

David de Hilster talks about what Carmen Miranda and Albert Einstein have in common and how this damages science progress. And at the end of the video, he tells you how you can see this feature-length documentary for free! Two ways to see David's documentary: Direct Link with Promo Code (click on $3.00 rental): Link to on demand for the film, click on $3.00 rental and enter promo code YTSUB500 Documentary website:

Why We tolerate Craziness of Mainstream Science

David de Hilster wonders out loud why we the public believe the craziness of mainstream science. Let's face it, a lot of it is hard to swallow or basically impossible for us to come to believe. Yet it is out there, and mainstream science and the media keep peddling it. Find out why we are so gullible and what we can do to fix it!

What Really Resolves Scientific Conflicts

David de Hilster heard a conflict specialist on the radio the other day and found out that what you think would resolve conflict, really doesn't resolve it. What does? Listen to David and he will tell you the shocking truth!