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Big Problems with Big Science

People say David de Hilster only complains about Big Science but never says what is wrong with it. Well, this video is a summary of some of the bigger problems in Big Physics and Big Cosmology. Ray Gallucci “Cosmic Expansion vs. Galactic Density”

Einstein's Fame is All That Remains

David de Hilster talks about how Einstein's fame is all that is left.

Ultraprecise atomic clocks put Einstein’s special relativity to the test

David de Hilster once again talks about atomic clocks and special relativity. Stop saying you have proven Einstein right!!! Even Einstein refuted that statement. Watch and see what David says! Article:

Responses to 10 Misconceptions about Dissidents

David de Hilster gives you his top 10 misconceptions about dissident scientists according to those who support the mainstream. This is not to convince those who support mainstream science to become critical thinkers. Almost no chance for that. This is for you, you critical thinkers and the science woke who need help in finding responses to these misconceptions or "accusations".

Dissidents are in the Majority

David de Hilster talks about how dissidents are the majority in physics and cosmology

Bashing the Big Bang

This is a FAVORITE by David de Hilster who always gets gems from one of his friends, mentors, and one of the greatest scientific minds of our time: Dr. Glenn Borchardt on his Scientific Worldview Blog. This time Glenn brings to light how mainstream science journalism uses name calling instead of scientific arguments against those dissident scientists showing Einstein and general relativity wrong. Dr. Glenn Borchardt's Blog: Bochardt's Article: Physics Today Article:

Physicists Calculate Proton's Pressure Distribution for First Time

David de Hilster talks about the claims of the structure of the proton. And no, it isn't pretty. This one is really worth your while! You get em Dave! The Article:

The Most Important Geology Book Ever Written - Published 2018

David de Hilster shows you what he thinks is the most important book on geology ever written and it was published in late 2018. Yes, that is what he said. This book is not out yet in the United States so David takes his time and goes through the book in more greater detail than normal. Well worth the 60 minutes! James Website: Where you can buy it

Mulitple Dissident Theories - How to Deal with It

David de Hilster talks in this segment pulled from his February 15, 2019 live session that is worth separating on its own for this separate video. What to do with multiple viable models of the universe today.

New Paradigm: Physic Will be Solved Collectively

David de Hilster talks about the different types of theories put forth by today's critical thinkers