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Free Einstein Wrong Documentary Viewing!

(Choose $3 rental, and use promo code YTSUB500). David de Hilster celebrates his 500 subscribers with a free viewing of his entertaining and informative documentary: "Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year". Just use promo code YTSUB500 or click on the link below. He sends out his heart-felt THANKS to everyone who subscribes to his channel and hopes you enjoy this heart-touching documentary what includes great critical thinkers as well as touching moments in David's family. Filmed over a period of 8 years, this documentary has original music. Enjoy! Two ways to see it: Direct Link with Promo Code (click on $3.00 rental): Link to on demand for the film, click on $3.00 rental and enter promo code YTSUB500. Documentary website:

CNPS 2018 Critical Thinkers Conference Info Video

David de Hilster is also a director and president of the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society and this is his information video about the CNPS's annual conference. This year it is being held at the University of Connecticut from June 27-30. Link to the Conference:

Universe's Missing Antimatter Found Inside Black Holes?

David de Hilster could not resist this title. Make sure you stay until the very end to see what his critically thinking mind says about this article. Link to the article: Universe's Missing Antimatter Be Found Inside Black Holes?

Universal Spacetime Theory - Giving Physicality to Spacetime

David de Hilster discusses the "Universal Spacetime Theory" by Vladimir Ginzburg and why it is very important for all critical thinkers to read books that put forth new theories and models. Spacetime Origin of the Universe More Ginzberg Books:

State of Dissident Science Report

David de Hilster gives his "state of dissident science" report on where he is, we are, and where we are going in the dissident science world.

Mass Increase is a Natural Process in the Universe

David de Hilster talks in detail about something he has only talked to you in passing: mass increase. And this is not the mass increase of special relativity. No no NO! This is mass increase that is a natural part of the universe and atomic and subatomic structures.

The Standard Kilogram is a REAL HARD PROBLEM

David de Hilster talks about the standard Kilogram and not only on how it is calculated, but on how critical thinkers look at it (from David's point of view for sure). It is a hard problem to solve but those in the mainstream don't know the half of it! Article for this video:

When Dissident Science Shocks

David de Hilster admits that the science he often talks about on his channel may shock those listening. But before you go away, given David a chance to explain why that happens and what to do to keep moving forward as a dissident thinker. This is a good one!

Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth by Stephen Hurrell

David de Hilster reviews a MUST READ FOR EVERY CRITICAL THINKER: Stephen Hurrell's amazing book: "Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth". David talks about how the simple critical thinking of a mechanical engineer led him to the conclusion that the earth has been expanding and gaining mass. And David has an easter egg at the end of the video so be sure to watch until the very end! Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth Stephen Hurrell as Author Hurrell's website:

Dark Matter is Not Needed - Newton Gravity Works Just Fine Thank You!

David de Hilster got this gem of an article from his friend Robert Berger and couldn't resist. It actually states that the absence of dark matter helps support the existence of dark matter. David in the end, tells you in very simple terms, why dark matter is not needed. ttps://