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Critical Thinkers Conference this Week at UBC in Canada!

David de Hilster invites you to attend the CNPS 2017 conference of critical thinkers. If you can't make it in person, you can watch it all on Facebook live!

Why Einstein's Thought Experiments are Impossible

David de Hilster discusses something very few people have discovered: that the thought experiments which are the basis for Einstein's theory of relativity are based on an impossible universe - one that does not exist. Don't get it? Watch David as he explains it to you using an article from Discover Magazine.

Xicc++ and Quarks - A Bunch of Nonsense

David de Hilster had nothing to talk about today until he went to the science news on google. Something stupid always pops up and sure enough: particle physics is finding more unicorns! That means more power, prestige and of course Nobel Prizes!

How We Know Science Needs a Major Overhaul

David de Hilster answers a question of how he and others know that relativity, the big bang, plate tectonics, particle physics and much more are wrong in science. Why does he and his fellow scientists know it and others do not!

Neil deGrasse Tyson - Mainstream Arrogance Incarnate

David de Hilster finally, FINALLY starts talking about these self-appointed science evangelists who want to try an explain the super-complicated universe to we mere mortals.

Why Special Relativity is Wrong

David de Hilster discusses why Einstein's special relativity is wrong. Every particle accelerator in the world proves it wrong daily. And yes, even though relativistic kinematic questions are used, particle physics has the bad-boy neutrino to save them. Take away the special relativity and the neutrino, everything works fine!

The Universe Didn't Form - It Always Has been

David de Hilster goes off on the familiar phrase in science articles: "how the universe formed". David couldn't let another one of these titles go by without giving the author a piece of his mind!

Intro to Expansion Tectonics

Instead of bashing mainstream science for all their wrongs, today, David de Hilster introduces you to one of dissident science's great theories: Expansion Tectonics. Find out why this is a better theory and where you can read about it.

Why do I and Others Fight the Mainstream

David de Hilster gets this question a lot: what motivates you to do all this? Your film, your YouTube channel, help organize dissident conferences? There are several reasons and they are not all good.

Theoretical Physics = Flat Earth Society of Today

David de Hilster is fascinated by the fact that theoretical scientists relegate themselves so willing to obscurity. Today's theoretical physicists and cosmologists are the flat earth society of today. David has pondered this idea and has come up with reasons why so many so willingly dive off the cliff.