Jack Sherman

Jack Sherman was tapped by David de Hilster to do the finishing editing after the director was done with his edit. Jack tightened up the edits, cleaned up the audio, and added sound effects, transitions, and subtitles where needed in the film. It became a polished, ready to premier product when he was done.

Some of his bio from his Linked In Profile:

MDb Credits

Examples of my work on VIMEO

Picture and Sound Editor
Started 1988 in Cambridge, MA. Moved to LA in 2003.

GOLDEN REEL Nomination 2015 – Sound Editing
“Unsung Heroes:The Story of Americas Female Patriots” documentary on PBS

EMMY Nomination 2006 – Editor ”Mr.K: A Common Man with Uncommon Vision” documentary on PBS

Winner NAACP Image Award 2011 – Editor, Outstanding Documentary “For Love of Liberty:The Story of Americas Black Patriots”

GOLDEN REEL Nomination 2011 – Sound Editing
“For Love of Liberty” documentary on PBS

I have taught Studio, Field Production and Editing at the Art Institutes – Ai New England (Brookline, MA) and Ai Los Angeles (Santa Monica, CA)

I am a musician and played bass for many Rock and Roll bands including Boston’s All-Star Ska band Steady Earnest and NYC’s Mephiskapheles.
I was a DJ at my college FM Radio Station, WXPL all four years, playing records, before CDs, and still have my FCC license which never expires.

I live in LA with no car or TV on purpose