Dr. Cynthia Whitney

Dr. Cynthia Kolb Whitney is the Editor and Publisher for the dissident physics journal Galilean Electrodynamics, and is the Chief Scientist for the Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (formally the Natural Philosophy Alliance). She earned three degrees at M.I.T. (S.B. Physics, S.M. Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. Mathematical Physics), and had a long career in the American defense industry, much enriched by supervising engineering thesis students at M.I.T., and by a time as a Visiting Industry Professor in the then-active Electro-Optics Technology Center at Tufts University.

Cynthia’s PHD Is from MIT in relativity, and when she went to apply her work to her first practical application: a ring gyroscope, relativity failed miserably at what is known as the Sagnac Effect. Read her “eureka” story here.


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