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How Quantum Mechanics Fails - Threshold Model with Eric Reiter

Eric Reiter, an experimentalist, will be talking about how mainstream's model of quantum mechanics fails and how it is fixed by the "Threshold Model".

Did Shakespeare base his works on Thomas North? Dennis McCarthy says Yes!

Did Shakespeare Base His Masterpieces on Works by an Obscure Elizabethan Playwright? A new book “North by Shakespeare” examines the link between the Bard of Avon and Sir Thomas North. It is based on the work by Dennis McCarthy. Dennis, a self-taught Shakespeare sleuth’s quest to prove his eye-opening theory about the source of the world’s most famous plays, taking readers inside the vibrant era of Elizabethan England as well as the contemporary scene of Shakespeare scholars and obsessives. Acclaimed author of The Map Thief, Michael Blanding presents the twinning narratives of renegade scholar Dennis McCarthy, called “the Steve Jobs of the Shakespeare community,” and Sir Thomas North, an Elizabethan courtier whom McCarthy believes to be the undiscovered source for Shakespeare’s plays. For the last fifteen years, McCarthy has obsessively pursued the true origins of Shakespeare’s works. Using plagiarism software, he has found direct links between Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and other plays and North’s published and unpublished writings—as well as Shakespearean plotlines seemingly lifted straight from North’s colorful life.

Expansion Tectonics: BLIND FAITH with Dr. James Maxlow

Maxlow sets out to establish a prima-firma case against established Plate Tectonics by questioning the very essence of plate theory, whereby Earth radius is constrained to a constant radius over time, and to question why this premise still has not been tested using modern geology-based global observational data. During the 1950s, Emeritus Professor Sam Warren Carey of the University of Tasmania set about assembling the ancient Pangaean Supercontinent on a present-day Earth model in order to quantify Continental Drift theory. From his research he went on to conclude that: The assembly of Pangaea is not possible on the earth of the present radius. Unfortunately, with the subsequent acceptance and promotion of Plate Tectonic theory, the very important physical observations and conclusions of Carey continue to be totally ignored to this day, preferring instead to resort to cartoon-based continental reconstructions. When physical scientific studies present a valid observation it goes without question that this observation should be taken seriously. Ignoring Carey’s scientific modelling studies in preference to Plate Tectonic theory is therefore a blatant disregard for factual science. Because of this disregard for factual science Plate Tectonics has now reached the point of cult status, drawn in by blind faith in the hundreds of millions of research dollars spent annually, and it would seem that no amount of factual observation will convince plate tectonists otherwise. In this vain, Dr. Maxlow will now make an important prediction: The age of Plate Tectonics is drawing to a close and the age of Expansion Tectonics is dawning.

Scalar Theory of Everything - With John Hodge

Scalar Theory of Everything - With John Hodge. The Special Theory of Relativity (STOE) applies where gravitation is insignificant. There are many observations that remain poorly explained by the standard models of either the big of cosmology or the small of Quantum mechanics. Each of the STOE axioms has been used in the development of models of observations in the big and the small. The strength of the Scalar Theory Of Everything (STOE) is its ability to describe an extremely wide range of observations and to predict observations.

Convince Me Aether Exists! with David de Hilster

Host David de Hilster wants you to convince him aether exists. Light needs physicality. Is aether the only solution? Let's talk about it.

4th Phase of Water - Dr. Gerald Pollack

Water is known to have three phases, solid, liquid, and vapor. However, Pollack discovered a fourth phase, lying in between solid and liquid. While the evidence for this phase is relatively new, the concept of a fourth, ordered, phase of water dates back at least a century. This recently identified phase carries with it considerable explanatory power for diverse disciplines, a sampling of which is offered here.

CNPS 2021 Conference Planning and Call for Papers - with David de Hilster

The CNPS is making its official announcement for papers for their 2021 conference. This year's conference it will be virtual and provides unique opportunities as well as challenges. Come join in our live open forum discussion on how to best host and organize this conference.

Flaws with Our Current Mathematical System - with Jack Kuykendall

Jack Kuykendall will be talking about Symmetry Math (SM) versus Broken-Symmetry Math (BS). Can our real number system be updated? Is it flawed? What are the consequences of the flaws and what answers can be had with a new system?

Electric Universe: Gravity is Electrical in Nature - with Dr. Ray Gallucci

Dr. Ray Gallucci will be presenting his analysis of the viability of the Electric Universe's concept for gravity. The Electric Universe expouses a universe that is dominated not by gravity but by electrical forces. This leads to the idea that gravity is in fact, an electrical force. Is it viable? Come join in the discussion.

50 Year Analysis of "Time in Physics" by Nick Percival

From the presenter, Nick Percival: "Having spent 50 years, looking at how special relativity and general relativity treated "time" (Quite differently!) and especially debating the Twin Paradox, I, along with many others, rejected special relativity and especially its treatment of "time". Over the years, Ron Hatch kept me abreast of all the empirical data on "time" from GPS and also from pulsars, VBLI and NASA. I then read Lee Smolin's book "Time Reborn" where he observed and regretted that "time" had been removed from theoretical physics. Fortuitously, David de Hilster then suggested that I do a YouTube channel discussion on "time". So I, as "Nick of Time", focused my efforts on creating a 30+ series of videos on my search for "How best to treat time in physics". After a couple of years, a most surprising and unexpected answer came to me seemingly out of the blue! "

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