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Bob de Hilster

Robert de Hilster is an Amercian scientist and electrical engineer best known for his work in digitial switching systems and his more recent work on a Particle Model for the entire universe. He is the author of two books including one on gravity entitled Gravity is Not Free and a second book Universe Hack 3.0 which is based on the Partical Model developed by himself and his son David de Hilster. Robert also played a major role in the feature-length documentary film Einstein Wrong – The Miracle Year (2005).

In 2006, Bob was asked by son and film director David de Hilster to help work on a gravity experiment to try and detect gravity as a particle. Since then, he has developed his own equation for gravity that is based on a cloud of forces allow him to simulate any physical setup.  De Hilster has also looked into his gravity equation explaining anomolies in orbits, planet rotation, dark matter, to name a few. Robert is one of the main characters in the documentary film Einstein Wrong – The Miracle Year coming out in late 2013.

Robert has written a book on gravity called Gravity is Not Free and is currently co-authoring the book Universe Hack 3.0 with his son David de Hilster describing what they call the first complete physical model of the entire universe based on the Particle Model.

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