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You can watch the entertaining and mind-tickling feature documentary by director David de Hilster online. You can either rent it for a few dollars, or buy it for $10 US. If you a science lover or just a lover of great films, the film is for you! It is made for a general audience and has quite a touching story about the de Hilster family as they take on Einstein and find their own miracles along the way.

Einstein Wrong

Einstein Wrong Official Trailer

See the official trailer for the movie and you it makes you curious, you can watch the entire documentary by clicking on this link:

Einstein Wrong

Einstein Wrong Music Video

It may be the first time in history that a serious science documentary has a theme song and music video. The video was actually shot years before the theme song was written but it was a match made in heaven!

Theme song by Michael Ruggieri, Vocal solo by Kayla Trindade-Schweitzer, and video by EW (Einstein Wrong) director David de Hilster.

Einstein Wrong

Dissident Science YouTube Channel Launched

Director and dissident scientist David de Hilster has launched his latest challenge to all those critical thinkers: his Dissident Science YouTube Channel.

David de Hilster, a scientist, artist, and musician takes on the scientific world using something very few people use: critical thinking. Nothing is sacred including the big bang, relativity, plate tectonics, gravity, light, intellectuals AND: the media!

You don’t want to miss his almost daily rants and raves about science.