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Einstein Wrong

Luanda de Hilster

Luanda de Hilster was acting before she was born. Her birth plays a prominent part in the overall storyline of the de Hilster family with her mom, Doris de Hilster, having a neural-muscular junction disease. Since she was very small, Luanda was always dancing, singing, and acting giving her first formal voice recital at 5 years old.

Luanda currently is 11 years old and in a short time, has become quite an talented actor and singer. In the 6th grade, she won a principle part which required a strong voice beating out many 7th and 8th graders for the part. Her father and director of this film wrote an article about her recently on his own blog you can read here:

Einstein Wrong

Nick Tamburri

Nick Tamburri was one of the producers and editors for this documentary and worked closely with Andrea Tucker and director David de Hilster. He also shot some footage during the experiment class scenes for the movie.

Nick has extensive editing experience and is currently working on documentary film editing, directing and editing short form video content, and creative directing for web and print.

Einstein Wrong

Andrea Tucker Van Metter

Andrea is one of the producers and editors for this documentary. She was instrumental in directing the story-line and finding defining a feel for the story.

She is an award winning filmmaker, veteran television producer and creator of innovative content for multiple platforms. With over 15 years experience, she continues to contribute to quality programming for every major network. She is also a sought after development producer who originates new show concepts under her own banner and for a diverse array of production companies.

Andrea began her career in Austin, Texas as one of the founding members of Austin’s first all-digital production company, The Austin Digital Video Center (ADVC). With her partners at the ADVC, Andrea produced, wrote and directed multiple short films, including the documentary, Ladies Nite, which received the audience award at the Valley Film Festival. When Oscar winning director, Richard Linklater was experimenting with the new digital platform for his ground-breaking feature film Waking Life. Andrea was asked to help Oscar nominated editor Sandra Adair learn Final Cut Pro in return for an apprenticeship. Soon after, Andrea received her MFA in Film Directing from the prestigious California Institute of the Arts.

Andrea then began a career as an Editor and Story Producer, helping craft quality television series for major networks. Andrea has television credits in scripted, unscripted, awards shows, competition and game shows, and talk and variety programs. She also has two feature documentaries under her belt as both Producer and Editor.

Andrea eventually transitioned into developing show concepts from pitch to presentation and show running pilot presentations. She has lent her talents to manage and lead the creative end of story and post-production departments for multiple major docu-series. Most recently, Andrea wrapped up two seasons of the hit Fox Business Network series, Strange Inheritance, where she served as the Head of Development and Story.

Einstein Wrong

Doris de Hilster

Doris de Hilster is a Brazilian Clothes and carnaval costume designer from Rio de Janeiro. She has Myasthenia Gravis, a neural-muscular junction disease. Her pregnancy was a risk given her disease and was wrought with a lot of anxiety.

She also created some of the wardrobe for her husband and director David de Hilster as well as some clothes for the Einstein Wrong music video.

Einstein Wrong

David de Hilster

David de Hilster is the director of the film and is a scientist, artist, and musician. In 1992, David met Argentinian physicist Dr. Ricardo Carezani who proved Einstein wrong in the early 1940s. Dr. Carezani was looking for someone to champion his ideas and David took on the task.

By 2005, David had secured some initial funding to by a professional camera to start shooting “Einstein Wrong, the Miracle Year”. Over 8 years later, the project was complete. In 2007, David shot his music video without a sound track and in 2012, added the theme song written by composer Michael Ruggieri which fit like a glove.

You can read David’s complete bio on