How Einstein Ruined Physics

This is certainly an intriguing title.  What makes this book even more interesting is it is by someone who believes relativity to be correct.  This book is interesting is that it talks about the fame of Einstein and the problems associated with it.

From the back cover:

Einstein was the greatest public idol of the twentieth century. He became famous among the general public for being a great and humble genius, among intellectuals for discovering relativity, among philosophers for redefining the scientific revolution, and among physicists for his pursuit of a unified field theory. These are all great mistakes, and they have driven physics research into the study of alternative universes and other ideas that have no scientific foundation. This book carefully dissects these myths. It explains the development of relativity in the context of an ancient struggle to understand motion and symmetry. It shows that Einstein’s role has been exaggerated, and has been used to undermine science. Physics is no longer the science that all other sciences emulate.

You can buy the book on Amazon here.

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